Turkey Veggie Omelet

Another of your trainer’s favorite breakfasts…

–          2oz of lunch meat turkey

–          3 mushrooms

–          ½ of red or green bell pepper

–          3 grape tomatoes

–          A little bit of red onion to taste

–          100 calorie pack of guacamole

–          ¼ cup of egg whites

On a cutting board, dice up your bell pepper, turkey, and red onion.  Slice your mushrooms and grape tomatoes and then add everything into a small sauce pan to sauté for a few minutes.

Heat up another large sauce pan and add your ¼ cup of egg whites. Cook the egg whites on one side till hardened a little. Add everything from the small saucepan and let it settle into the uncooked side of the egg whites. Once that sets, fold the omelet in half and cook on each side till done.

Add guacamole on the omelet for healthy fats.

228 calories

19 grams of carbs

10 grams of fat

15 grams of protein

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