Why YOU Should Use a Protein Supplement!

Most people when you mention protein powder to them think “Why do I need that? I’m not a body builder.” This is not the case. Protein supplements, except for soy only powders, are  complete proteins, containing all the essential amino acids that everyone needs. Everyone can benefit from protein, here are a few benefits:

–          Repair muscles after an intense workout

–          Promote protein synthesis (muscle growth) when weight training

–          Help you maintain lean muscle while trying to lose weight

–          Help seniors maintain muscle mass as they age, this will help prevent falls and fractures

–          Help you feel full and suppress your appetite, leading to weight loss

The list goes on and on but those are a few of the big points.

Proper nutrition along with consistent resistance training will help build and maintain lean body mass. Individuals with more lean body mass tend to burn more calories, this helps in maintaining your weight.

Protein can be used as a pre and post-workout shake, or as a meal replacement shake.

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