A Glimpse of What I do

When I tell people that I do mobile personal training and group training, I often get responses like, “What do you do with your clients, P90X, Zumba?”  I’ve never done Zumba, and never do I plan to.  P90X, I don’t know anybody that actually completed the whole program, I think those DVDs are collecting more dust than burning calories. I also get questions like, “Do you just have like 5 lb dumbbells and some bands?” Whether they are kidding or not, I think it’s important that I make it clear what I actually do with my clients.

What I do is integrative fitness programs. We do core work, strength work, conditioning, mobility work, and explosiveness.  Each client’s program is personalized to their goals, needs, and abilities. “Computer guy” and an “athlete/meathead” will have different needs based on posture. A dad in his 30s who plays recreational men’s hockey will have different goals from a retired mom in her 60s. I’ve trained people to get ready for the police academy and state trooper school, high school athletics, recreational athletes, and of course the average Joe and Jane for losing body fat and gaining lean muscle.  Here is a glimpse of some of my favorite exercises I do with my clients (and myself).  Don’t mind my training space; I work out in my unfinished basement. Someday it will look better and be my man cave…

Sandbag Hang Clean

DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS)

3 Point DB Row

2 DB Single Leg RDL

Single Arm DB Bench

Ab Wheel Roll Out

Battle Ropes

So as you can see, I can do exercises that you would do at a gym, in the convenience of your own home.  You can progress to heavier and heavier weights, my dumbbells go up to 18 times heavier than 5 lbs.  On a RFESS, that could be 180lbs, on one leg.  That would be about equivalent to a 360lb back squat (another topic called the bilateral deficit).

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