Do You Need to Slow Down?

Most people have a lot on their plate at any given time, and it has us running from one thing to the next constantly. Sometimes, like in this video, being absorbed in what you have to do or where you need to be will make you miss important signs, and it can be a disaster!

This makes me think of one of the habits I help coach my nutrition coaching clients with: eating slowly. If you eat too fast, your body’s hunger and appetite hormones don’t have time to signal to the brain that you are getting full. You have a lesser chance of stopping before you are full or over-full. The result, many of us overeat. If you take time to eat slowly, you will notice that your body gives you signs that you are approaching fullness (the 11 foot 8 bridge), so you end up eating less and being satisfied. Just google it, there are many studies that show people who report eating too fast are way more likely to be overweight than those that eat slowly or even at a moderate pace. It sounds so simple.

As an example with myself, I was really proud of myself the last time I sat down with Ben and Jerry. When I consciously ate the ice cream slower, I didn’t end up wanting to finish all of it! When I eat ice cream fast, I end up eating way more than I should and regret how my body feels afterwards.

So instead of worrying if you should do the Paleo diet or try Keto, most people just need to slow down and chew their food!

Eating slowly is just one of many habits that my nutrition coaching program covers. If you want help getting more in tune with your body, learning and practicing solid habits, this program is for you. You can say goodbye to strict diet rules and depriving yourself. You can even occasionally have ice cream and still reach your goals!