10 Years in Business, 10 Random Thoughts/Things I’ve Learned

Last week officially marked 10 years that I have been in business (13 years in the fitness industry). So in honor of 10 years, here are 10 random thoughts and things I have learned that I hope most of you find useful! I mean, I have learned a lot more than 10 things as a businessContinue reading “10 Years in Business, 10 Random Thoughts/Things I’ve Learned”

Upgrade Your Push-Up

Next up for my writing on different types of movement is upper body pushing. It can be done horizontally or vertically, 2 arms, single arm, or alternating arms. There’s lot of variety between body weight, dumbbells, barbells, bands, kettlebells, and the list can keep going. But for today, we will talk about horizontal pushing and the push-up.Continue reading “Upgrade Your Push-Up”

Build a Better Hinge

A hinge is a fundamental movement pattern that I believe everyone should learn, it’s easy to see how it easily translates to everyday life. Think about when you’ve heard “lift with your legs, not with you back”, this is what we’re talking about! Hinge pattern exercises can be done in a two-leg stance, single leg stance,Continue reading “Build a Better Hinge”

Fats: the Other Macronutrient that Gets a Bad Rap

Since I wrote about protein (twice, click here and then click here if you missed them) and carbohydrates, it’s only natural to finish off the macronutrients and talk about fats. This isn’t meant to be super extensive and tell you everything, but give you basic information and tell you HOW to use it. Fats gotContinue reading “Fats: the Other Macronutrient that Gets a Bad Rap”