Lift Weights and Lose Fat!?!

I often get resistance, pun intended, when I talk about resistance training (also known as weight training) for losing fat. There are a lot of people that believe you should only do cardio to lose fat. That simply is not true. I am going to summarize a few studies that have been published over theContinue reading “Lift Weights and Lose Fat!?!”

How to Train Around Low Back Pain

I see a client as our session is about to start, they tell me they drove 500 miles in the last 2 days while working their sales job and that their low back is stiff. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard that. If you have low back pain, you’re definitely not alone.Continue reading “How to Train Around Low Back Pain”

Grilled Chicken Tenders

Who doesn’t love a good chicken tender??? Although they are a good source of protein, they come with extra calories because they are fried in oil. Not so good for your waistline. If you are open to a healthier alternative, keep reading. What you’ll need: small bowl fork dinner plate 1-2 lbs of boneless, skinlessContinue reading “Grilled Chicken Tenders”

Deadlifts…. Everyone can do them.

When people hear the name “deadlift”, they have one of two reactions: you either get excited like me, or you are intimidated because you think it means that you are going to do this: Eddie Hall is a beast, Eddie also has trouble putting on his own shoes. I watched a documentary on him. HisContinue reading “Deadlifts…. Everyone can do them.”