Turkey Trot Run/Walk 11/22/12

Thanks to all of those who came to the first annual Journey Fitness Turkey Trot Run/Walk this past Thursday morning! I had a blast and will certainly be doing it again next year! For those who missed out, we did a 30 min run/walk around a course I laid out in Boulevard Park in LakeContinue reading “Turkey Trot Run/Walk 11/22/12”

How to Improve your Basal Metabolic Rate

I just wanted to share with you the known variables to influence your basal metabolic rate according to the American Council on Exercise. Genetics. Some people have a naturally high metabolism and others have naturally slow metabolisms. Gender. Men have more testosterone and usually more lean muscle mass and less fat mass than women soContinue reading “How to Improve your Basal Metabolic Rate”

Easy Guide to Nutrition

Plan ahead! When you don’t have anything prepared or you’re on the go, convenience is going to mater more than what you eat. That’s why fast food is never going away. If you are on the go, pack a lunch or know of some restaurants that you can get a balanced, nutrient dense, low calorieContinue reading “Easy Guide to Nutrition”

Why Your Workout at the Gym Won’t Get You the Results You Desire

Traditional “split routines” are commonly used by body builders and football players who are trying to gain lean muscle mass. Many repetitions and exercises are used on a particular muscle group during the workout. An example would be devoting an entire exercise session to just legs or chest and triceps. I’ll let you guys inContinue reading “Why Your Workout at the Gym Won’t Get You the Results You Desire”

Flexibility Training

Flexibility is important, and is often overlooked when planning a fitness program. 47% of stiffness is attributed to joint capsule and ligaments, 41% from muscle fascia, 10% from tendons, and 2% from skin. Increasing your range of motion (ROM) can be done largely because of the second one, the fascia. Self-myofascial release, or foam rolling,Continue reading “Flexibility Training”

Why YOU Should Use a Protein Supplement!

Most people when you mention protein powder to them think “Why do I need that? I’m not a body builder.” This is not the case. Protein supplements, except for soy only powders, are  complete proteins, containing all the essential amino acids that everyone needs. Everyone can benefit from protein, here are a few benefits: –         Continue reading “Why YOU Should Use a Protein Supplement!”

4 Most Common Exercise Myths

Exercising at a low intensity will burn more calories from fat. This may be true, but only from a percentage standpoint. The harder you workout, the more calories you will burn and ultimately more weight you will lose. Low intensity exercise has its place, especially with beginners or special populations such as the elderly orContinue reading “4 Most Common Exercise Myths”

Turkey Sausage and Egg White English Muffin

A new breakfast idea I made. What you need: – Turkey sausage patties (uncooked) – Whole wheat English muffin – 3 tbs of Liquid egg whites   1. Toast your English muffin. 2. Cook both sides of your turkey sausage over medium high heat in a pan. 3. Cook your egg whites and fold themContinue reading “Turkey Sausage and Egg White English Muffin”