Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

The ACSM recommendations for weight loss suggest that 150-250 minutes a week of moderate intensity physical activity will prevent weight gain. Amounts greater than 250 minutes a week lead to modest weight loss. The most successful strategy is to combine diet restriction and increased physical activity; this leads to more weight loss than just dietContinue reading “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!”

Why You Should Take Fish Oil

Thirteen Reasons to Use Fish Oils to Get Lean By Charles Poliquin and Dr. Mark Houston M.D. Excerpt from Charles Poliquin’s and Dr. Houston’s book on fat loss. Serious trainers want to find a supplement that will give them an edge. For those of us interested in positively and optimally altering body composition and maximizingContinue reading “Why You Should Take Fish Oil”

Are You Ready for Change?

A generally accepted model for any type of behavior change is the Transtheoretical Model. In exercise terms, it looks a little like this: 1. Precontemplation (not ready): You have no intention of even going to the gym, it’s not even in the back of your mind that you should go. 2. Contemplation (getting ready): YouContinue reading “Are You Ready for Change?”