Gluten Free: Is it necessary?

A very popular trend in nutrition right now is going gluten free. First of all, I will explain what it is. Gluten is a protein in wheat and other related grains like barley and rye. There are known diseases and conditions that should avoid it such as celiac disease or people with known gluten sensitivity.Continue reading “Gluten Free: Is it necessary?”

Supplements: Things You Should Consider First

If you are considering taking a supplement to enhance your training, lose weight, or for health benefits, there are some factors you should take into consideration. There are supplement labels and there a food labels.  In order for something to get a food label, it has to be approved by the FDA. Most supplements haveContinue reading “Supplements: Things You Should Consider First”

Lasting Results

Every year when January comes, people think about changing something about their lives and it is usually related to weight loss.  As a personal trainer, it’s great for business, but I would also like to see changes to everyone’s lifestyles that make lasting results, year round so that the next year, you just keep doingContinue reading “Lasting Results”

Control of Your Blood Sugar = Success

Watching your blood sugar and carbohydrate intake is not just for those who are diabetic or have metabolic syndrome. If you are trying to lose weight or body fat, you are not going to have success until you monitor what is in your diet. After you eat a meal, your body has a hormone calledContinue reading “Control of Your Blood Sugar = Success”

How to Improve your Basal Metabolic Rate

I just wanted to share with you the known variables to influence your basal metabolic rate according to the American Council on Exercise. Genetics. Some people have a naturally high metabolism and others have naturally slow metabolisms. Gender. Men have more testosterone and usually more lean muscle mass and less fat mass than women soContinue reading “How to Improve your Basal Metabolic Rate”

Easy Guide to Nutrition

Plan ahead! When you don’t have anything prepared or you’re on the go, convenience is going to mater more than what you eat. That’s why fast food is never going away. If you are on the go, pack a lunch or know of some restaurants that you can get a balanced, nutrient dense, low calorieContinue reading “Easy Guide to Nutrition”

Why YOU Should Use a Protein Supplement!

Most people when you mention protein powder to them think “Why do I need that? I’m not a body builder.” This is not the case. Protein supplements, except for soy only powders, are  complete proteins, containing all the essential amino acids that everyone needs. Everyone can benefit from protein, here are a few benefits: –         Continue reading “Why YOU Should Use a Protein Supplement!”

Why You Should Take Fish Oil

Thirteen Reasons to Use Fish Oils to Get Lean By Charles Poliquin and Dr. Mark Houston M.D. Excerpt from Charles Poliquin’s and Dr. Houston’s book on fat loss. Serious trainers want to find a supplement that will give them an edge. For those of us interested in positively and optimally altering body composition and maximizingContinue reading “Why You Should Take Fish Oil”