4 Bean Chili

4 Bean Turkey Chili Ingredients: –          1 Small Onion, chopped –          1 TBS Olive Oil –          1lb Ground Turkey Breast –          1 Can Diced Tomatoes with Jalapenos –          1 Can Chickpeas –          1 Can Black Beans –          1 Can Red Kidney Beans –          1 Can Chili Beans –          1 Small Can Low-Sodium Chicken Broth –         Continue reading “4 Bean Chili”

Power Breakfast Burrito

Ingredients: –          1 Medium Low-carb Tortilla –          ½ 100 Calorie Pack of Guacamole –          2 TBS of Salsa –          1 TBS of 2% Mexican Blend Cheese –          Liquid Egg Whites –          Fresh Cilantro (optional) In an 8” omelet pan, pour egg whites to cover the whole bottom of the pan and cook until set. WarmContinue reading “Power Breakfast Burrito”

Turkey Sausage and Egg White English Muffin

A new breakfast idea I made. What you need: – Turkey sausage patties (uncooked) – Whole wheat English muffin – 3 tbs of Liquid egg whites   1. Toast your English muffin. 2. Cook both sides of your turkey sausage over medium high heat in a pan. 3. Cook your egg whites and fold themContinue reading “Turkey Sausage and Egg White English Muffin”

Lunch of Champions Vol. 2

Eating red meat every day is probably not the best idea if you are worried about losing weight and your cholesterol is high. Having it once a week is fine, moderation is the key. A leaner, healthier red meat is sirloin, it has less fat. Here’s what you need: –          1lb of ground sirloin –         Continue reading “Lunch of Champions Vol. 2”

Turkey Veggie Omelet

Another of your trainer’s favorite breakfasts… –          2oz of lunch meat turkey –          3 mushrooms –          ½ of red or green bell pepper –          3 grape tomatoes –          A little bit of red onion to taste –          100 calorie pack of guacamole –          ¼ cup of egg whites On a cutting board, dice up yourContinue reading “Turkey Veggie Omelet”

Lunch of Champions

Want to know what your trainer eats for lunch (usually dinner too)? Bam! Delicious and nutritious! –          105 calories for 4oz sweet potato –          30 calories in a 1.5cups of broccoli florets –          240 calories in a 6oz boneless, skinless chicken breast Grand total of 375 calories!   All you need: –          1 bag ofContinue reading “Lunch of Champions”