Nutrition Coaching

When you’ve been in the fitness industry as long as I have, you know what works and what doesn’t for most people. When I first got started, I worked at a gym with registered dietitians on staff. They handled nutrition for my clients. They would prescribe meal plans with X grams of this, and Y grams of that. It simply didn’t work for my clients. It was too complicated to follow and unrealistic to do longterm.

When I branched out on my own and started Journey Fitness in 2012, I tried software that customized meal plans based on goals and even gave shopping lists for my clients. That didn’t work very well either.

What the first two approaches had in common was, nobody wants to weigh all the food they prepare, count calories, and heaven forbid if they go out to eat and the whole plan goes out the window. People are not dogs and you cannot control how much they get to eat everyday!

Then I tried a plan where clients chose a protein source, a vegetable, a healthy carb, and a healthy fat from an approved list and they put together their own meals. This worked better for most of my clients, but I noticed there was something still missing from this approach.

I was then introduced to a style of COACHING through Precision Nutrition and decided to get certified. This was a game changer for my career and helping my clients! Now I help my clients take control of their nutrition habits and learn how to make better decisions through changing their environment, their mindset, self-reflection, and making small incremental changes with daily actionable steps.

There are no meal plans, meal plans might help if you are treating a medical condition or trying to cut weight for a MMA fight, but most people want to feel better, have more energy, lose weight and most importantly, keep it off!

There are no “bad foods”. I don’t want you to feel guilt or shame associated with the food you eat. I know people aren’t robots and are going to enjoy ice cream, pizza, cookies, and alcohol from time to time, I certainly do, I’m human! I want you to know that you can still have those from time to time and achieve your goals. Being too restrictive often backfires and leads to massive cheat days that derail your progress and give you feelings of guilt or shame that can all be considered disordered eating. I want you to have a healthy relationship with food.

If this style of coaching sounds like it’s for you, let’s talk. Fill out the contact form below to get started. This service is highly encouraged to optimize your training results.