Changes to Make in Your Diet

Many people are all or nothing when it comes to working out or eating better.  Research shows that this type of behavior usually doesn’t lead to long term results.  Instead, you should focus on making changes slowly, so that they become habits and not just a temporary fix. If you view these changes as temporary,Continue reading “Changes to Make in Your Diet”

Control of Your Blood Sugar = Success

Watching your blood sugar and carbohydrate intake is not just for those who are diabetic or have metabolic syndrome. If you are trying to lose weight or body fat, you are not going to have success until you monitor what is in your diet. After you eat a meal, your body has a hormone calledContinue reading “Control of Your Blood Sugar = Success”

4 Bean Chili

4 Bean Turkey Chili Ingredients: –          1 Small Onion, chopped –          1 TBS Olive Oil –          1lb Ground Turkey Breast –          1 Can Diced Tomatoes with Jalapenos –          1 Can Chickpeas –          1 Can Black Beans –          1 Can Red Kidney Beans –          1 Can Chili Beans –          1 Small Can Low-Sodium Chicken Broth –         Continue reading “4 Bean Chili”

Power Breakfast Burrito

Ingredients: –          1 Medium Low-carb Tortilla –          ½ 100 Calorie Pack of Guacamole –          2 TBS of Salsa –          1 TBS of 2% Mexican Blend Cheese –          Liquid Egg Whites –          Fresh Cilantro (optional) In an 8” omelet pan, pour egg whites to cover the whole bottom of the pan and cook until set. WarmContinue reading “Power Breakfast Burrito”

How to Improve your Basal Metabolic Rate

I just wanted to share with you the known variables to influence your basal metabolic rate according to the American Council on Exercise. Genetics. Some people have a naturally high metabolism and others have naturally slow metabolisms. Gender. Men have more testosterone and usually more lean muscle mass and less fat mass than women soContinue reading “How to Improve your Basal Metabolic Rate”

Easy Guide to Nutrition

Plan ahead! When you don’t have anything prepared or you’re on the go, convenience is going to mater more than what you eat. That’s why fast food is never going away. If you are on the go, pack a lunch or know of some restaurants that you can get a balanced, nutrient dense, low calorieContinue reading “Easy Guide to Nutrition”